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Calvary is such a big place. I don’t know where to begin.

How can I get involved?

How can I get connected?

Do you ever feel that way? Whether you’re new to Calvary or you’ve been here for some length of time, we all want to be known, to be in relationships. Plus we all want to have value.

Some people are great at meeting people. They thrive on face-to-face encounters, while others shy away from people. It’s challenging for them to build relationships.

One of the best ways to get connected at Calvary Church is to serve on one of its many ministry teams. It’s nonthreatening. Everyone on the team is focused on a shared task whether it’s in children’s ministries, on the valet team or on one of the six tech teams. Rather than being face-to-face, team members serve shoulder-to-shoulder. And in the course of serving, relationships are formed.

For some people, they know where they want to serve, they know what their skills are and how they can be used at Calvary Church. For others though, it’s all too overwhelming. They don’t see how they can serve or how their particular skills can be used at Calvary.

That’s where Volunteer CONNECTion comes in.

Whether you’re brand new to Calvary or you’ve been here for a while, members of our Volunteer CONNECTion Team would be happy to sit down with you for a no-obligation chat.  We’ll take a look at a list of Calvary’s ministries; we’ll also take some time to help you determine the unique CONNECTion that God may have for you as a member of a Calvary ministry team.  Stop by the HUB on a Sunday morning to find out how you can "connect" to a member of our Volunteer CONNECTion Team.

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