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  The Chase   Charles Zimmerman 04.12.15
Easter 2015
  Easter 2015   Charles Zimmerman 04.05.15
1 Peter 5:6-14
  Price Check   Carlos Velez 03.29.15
Upside Down Leadership
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 03.22.15
Counter Cultural Marriage
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 03.15.15
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 03.08.15
Boats to Baptism
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 03.01.15
Community in Mission
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 02.22.15
  Price Check   Carlos Velez 02.15.15
Already, Not Yet!
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 02.08.15
Paradoxical Presence
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 02.01.15
Faith & Failure Behind the Letter
  Price Check   Charles Zimmerman 01.25.15



Pursuit Stream   Series   Speaker Date
Really- Trust the Bible?
  Really?!?   Derek Cooper 01.28.15
Really- Christianity is the only true religion?
  Really?!?   Derek Cooper 02.04.15
Really- Trust the Church? 
  Really?!?   Derek Cooper 02.11.15
Really- God has something to say about sex
  Really?!?   Dave White 02.18.15
Really- God & Homosexuality
  Really?!?   Dave White 02.25.15
Really- The Bible & Science
  Really?!?   Bob Newman, John Studenroth, Yinka Williams 03.04.15
Really- Truth is absolute? 
  Really?!?   Steve Boyer 03.11.15
Really- God is good in all this evil and suffering?
  Really?!?   Tim Yoder 03.18.15
Really- God is there when I need him? 
  Really?!?   Tim Yoder 03.25.15
Really- miracles and supernatural events?
  Really?!?   David Lamb 04.08.15