Continuing what Jesus started

Nepal Missions Trip April 12-26, 2014

Purpose: Pennsylvania United Medical Association (PUMA) has an active church planting mission in Nepal. ( ) They also offer compassionate medical care through 4 permanent medical clinics and periodic mobile medical clinics. During these mobile clinics the Nepali Pastors mingle with the large crowds and share the gospel (we expect to see 1200 patients in 9 days, but many more people will come to see the Americans and watch the Christian movies). So far, PUMA has planted 19 churches in Lamjung and 1 in Katmandu. WordPress reports that Nepal has the highest percentage of Christian growth in the world ( It is an absolute honor to participate in this rapid expansion of God's kingdom! 

Team Members:

Plans: Spending 1-2 days in 3 different villages working in medical clinics. At night, Nepali pastors will hold programs and the team will participate by singing and sharing their testimonies. This trip is physically demanding requiring 1.5-4 hour walks to get to the villages. In addition, the team will be eating local foods. They have been advised to at least sample what's offered as it's a sign of disrespect not to eat. 

Prayer Requests:

That the mission of reaching people for Jesus would be at the forefront of every team member's heart and mind before, during and after this trip. That the people that we meet in Nepal would get a first hand glimpse of the love of Christ through our thoughts and actions, and that their hearts would be open to the hearing and absorbing of the gospel shared by the Nepali Pastors and staff.

Team Safety: The travel is long and challenging. We will be going on long airplane rides, bus rides on rough roads, and difficult treks through rugged terrain. We will be sleeping on the ground and eating unfamiliar food, river bathing when we can, but sponge bathing for the most part. Most of the time we will be without creature comforts that we take for granted like electricity, refrigeration, cell service and plumbing, and we will be doing it with a group of people that have come together as a group only 4 times before. Physically, emotionally and spiritually this is a demanding trip.

Team Unity: Our past experience has been that God uses all of these challenges to help us realize our dependence on Him and our kinship as the family of Christ. In the past, most of the team members have formed a strong bond that last a lifetime. We pray for that again. We see our mission as threefold:

  • To share the gospel in a real and tangible way with the Buddhist, Hindu and Animist people in Nepal.
  • To serve our Nepali team members and encourage them in their ministry.
  • To serve one another and build relationships with our American team mates and our Nepali team mates so we recognize one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. 
  • Last but not least, that our families and friends back home would be protected in our absence and at peace with this trip, and that we would be at peace with leaving them in God's protection.

Short Term Mission Trip Opportunity in Haiti July 19-27:
Team members are needed for a short term mission trip to Haiti working with children with special needs and their families! No experience or specialized training needed. The outreach is through International Therapy Outreach Teams in partnership with Connect 2 Ministries. A team will work with the families of the children in our disability classrooms. The classrooms are located in different churches throughout Port-au-Prince. The team will spend a day at each church sharing a special day with the children who have disabilities and their whole family. For more information contact Dawn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .