Continuing what Jesus started

ProMissions Meeting First Monday of the Month at 7:00 pm in room 303
Please join us to become informed about the missionaries that Calvary supports. You will be amazed how God is working in unusual ways and how you can be a part of it.   

Currently, Calvary Church supports missionaries and organizations serving in the following world areas: 

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
North America
Rhonda Bennett
Ministry Field: Madison, CT
Ministry Responsibility: Train staff and volunteers in IMPACT (ministry to young professionals) and at Here’s Life.
Mission Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ
Jerry & Joan Borton: Joni and Friends Greater Philadelphia
Ministry Field: The 5 county Philadelphia region, central and southern NJ and the Lehig Valley
Responsibility: To communicate the gospel and equip Christ-honoring churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.
Mission Organization: Joni and Friends
Bill & Patsy Curry
Ministry Field: Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA
Ministry Responsibility: Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church (inner-city church plant)
Mission Organization: American Missionary Fellowship
Children: Joshua and Rachel

Rich & Yolanda Derstine
Ministry Field: Warrenton, Missouri
Ministry Responsibility: Publication Department. Printer of teaching and training materials for the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship around the world.
Mission Organization: Child Evangelism Fellowship
Children: Stephan, Nathan, David

Linda Fusco
Ministry Field: USA
Ministry Responsibility: Administrative assistant to General Director in home office
Mission Organization: Wordwide Evangelism Crusade (WEC)
Darla Hanson
Ministry Field: Minneapolis, MN
Ministry Responsibility: Senior Administrative Asst. to Director of Mobilization
Ministry Organization: Reign Ministries

Bob & Joan Huhta
Ministry Field: Orlando, Florida
Ministry Responsibility: Project manager for Story Runners
Mission Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ
Children: Joy and Will

Paul & Leda Rabenold
Ministry Field: Worldwide
Ministry Responsibility: Computer expert. Provides support for all Wycliffe computer systems and programs.
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Glen & Ruth Rosenberger
Ministry Field: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Ministry Responsibility: General Director of Temple Student Life Center at the University campus, and also a counselor.
Mission Organization: Student Life Center

Tom Telford
Ministry Field: Worldwide
Ministry Responsibility: Vice President of Church Development for United World Missons. Program leader, consultant, conference speaker, author, and counselor.
Mission Organization: United World Mission


South America

Julio and Olga Chiang
Ministry Field: Pucallpa, Peru
Ministry Responsibility: Church Planting and Sports Evangelism
Mission Organization: South American Mission
Children: Camila, Miranda, Natalia
Mark & Carole Landis
Ministry Field: Guadalajara, Mexico
Ministry Responsibility: Pastoral Leadership of La Roca Bible Church
Mission Organization: Fellowship of International Mission
Bob & Ruth Ann Moyer: Retired
Ministry Field: South America
Ministry Responsibility: Consultant to Field Leadership
Mission Organization: South America Mission
Duane & Joetta Moyer
Ministry Field: Guadeloupe
Ministry Responsibility: Church-wide ministry in Guadeloupe
Mission Organization: WorldTeam
Children: Justin, Caleb, Amanda

Bill & Irene Ridgeway: Retired
Ministry Field: Quito, Ecuador
Ministry Responsibility: Church Leadership in San Antonio, Ecuador, and organizer of Maranatha Retreat and Church.
Mission Organization: Fellowship of International Mission
Jon & Cindi Hampshire
Ministry Field: World-wide
Ministry Responsibility: Communications Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo (Jon) and Prayer Ministries Department (Cindi)
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children: Kelsie, Kristy, Andrew, Alec
Joanne Moyer
Ministry Field: Kabwe, Zambia
Ministry Responsibility: Grace Church in Zambia
Ministry Organization: Grace Ministries International
Dan & Tina Moyer
Ministry Field: Zabwe, Zambia
Ministry Responsibility: Oversees training for Bible School for National Believers; works with Community Development, especially orphan care.
Ministry Organization:  Grace Ministries International
Children: Natalie, Nadine, and Seth
Rochelle Smetherham
Ministry Field: Muizenberg, South Africa
Ministry Responsibility: Serving as a staff worker in South Africa
Ministry Organization: Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
Luke & Marisa Bajenski
Ministry Field: Warsaw, Poland
Mission Organization: ProEcclesia: Center for Church Development

Vince & Roberta Chiavralotti
Ministry Field: Treviso, Italy
Ministry Responsibility: Pioneer church planting through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. Also a Field Coordinator for Italy.
Mission Organization: Avant Ministries, Formerly Gospel Missionary Union
Children: Jonathan, Gioia

Bud & Charlotte Kroeker: Retired
Ministry Field: Belgium
Ministry Responsibility: General Director of French printing company that sends literature to French-speaking countries
Mission Organization: Biblical Literature Fellowship

Gerhard & Grace Meyer
Ministry Field: Knoll Center, Germany
Ministry Responsibility: Director of the Knoll Center. Pastors a church, and also is Assistant Field Director of Global Outreach
Mission Organization: Global Outreach Mission
Children: Melody, Joy, Esther, Jessica
Paul & Beth College
Ministry Field: Indonesia
Ministry Responsibility: pilot and aviator
Mission Organization: MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)
Children: Seth, Blake, Tate, Toby
Ministry Field: Thailand
Ministry Responsibility: Church planting, literacy work, Bible teaching, medical aide, and discipling nationals
Children: Julee, Scott

Dick & Terri Grady
Ministry Field: Middle East
Ministry Responsibility: Director of O.C. International's Middle East Ministries
Mission Organization: O. C. International
Children: Stephen, Rachel
Dan and Catrina Pennington
Ministry Field: Thailand
Ministry Responsibility: General Managers of Destiny Rescue’s Production and Employment Project
Organization: Destiny Rescues
Children: Eva and Aidan
 Lavonne Westlund
Ministry Field: Indonesia
Ministry Responsibility: Provides financial support for the Indonesian Field Staff
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children: Joy, Mark
Middle East
None posted, to protect the safety and effectiveness of our missionary families currently living in the Middle East.