Continuing what Jesus started

ProMissions Meeting First Monday of the Month at 7:00 pm in room 303
Please join us to become informed about the missionaries that Calvary supports. You will be amazed how God is working in unusual ways and how you can be a part of it. Our next meeting is Monday, August 4 at 7:00 pm in room 301Check out these answered prayers! 

Currently, Calvary Church supports missionaries and organizations serving in the following world areas: 

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
North America
Rhonda Bennett
Ministry Field: Madison, CT
Ministry Responsibility: Train staff and volunteers in IMPACT (ministry to young professionals) and at Here’s Life.
Mission Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ
Jerry & Joan Borton: Joni and Friends Greater Philadelphia
Ministry Field: The 5 county Philadelphia region, central and southern NJ and the Lehig Valley
Responsibility: To communicate the gospel and equip Christ-honoring churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.
Mission Organization: Joni and Friends
Bill & Patsy Curry
Ministry Field: Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA
Ministry Responsibility: Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church (inner-city church plant)
Mission Organization: American Missionary Fellowship
Children: Joshua and Rachel

Rich & Yolanda Derstine
Ministry Field: Warrenton, Missouri
Ministry Responsibility: Publication Department. Printer of teaching and training materials for the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship around the world.
Mission Organization: Child Evangelism Fellowship
Children: Stephan, Nathan, David

Linda Fusco
Ministry Field: USA
Ministry Responsibility: Administrative assistant to General Director in home office
Mission Organization: Wordwide Evangelism Crusade (WEC)
Darla Hanson
Ministry Field: Minneapolis, MN
Ministry Responsibility: Senior Administrative Asst. to Director of Mobilization
Ministry Organization: Reign Ministries
Ministry Field: Worldwide
Ministry Responsibility: International Translation Coordinator
Ministry Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International
Bob & Joan Huhta
Ministry Field: Orlando, Florida
Ministry Responsibility: Project manager for Story Runners
Mission Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ
Children: Joy and Will

Paul & Leda Rabenold
Ministry Field: Worldwide
Ministry Responsibility: Computer expert. Provides support for all Wycliffe computer systems and programs.
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Glen & Ruth Rosenberger
Ministry Field: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Ministry Responsibility: General Director of Temple Student Life Center at the University campus, and also a counselor.
Mission Organization: Student Life Center

Tom Telford
Ministry Field: Worldwide
Ministry Responsibility: Vice President of Church Development for United World Missons. Program leader, consultant, conference speaker, author, and counselor.
Mission Organization: United World Mission
Lavonne Westlund
Ministry Field: United States
Ministry Responsibility: working alongside Wycliffe missionaries as they come to the states for their furlough, doing debriefs, providing encouragement and care, and continuing ongoing contact with them when they return overseas
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children: Joy, Mark

South America

Julio and Olga Chiang
Ministry Field: Pucallpa, Peru
Ministry Responsibility: Church Planting and Sports Evangelism
Mission Organization: South American Mission
Children: Camila, Miranda, Natalia
Mark & Carole Landis
Ministry Field: Guadalajara, Mexico
Ministry Responsibility: Pastoral Leadership of La Roca Bible Church
Mission Organization: Fellowship of International Mission
Bob & Ruth Ann Moyer: Retired
Ministry Field: South America
Ministry Responsibility: Consultant to Field Leadership
Mission Organization: South America Mission
Ministry Field: Guadeloupe
Ministry Responsibility: Church-wide ministry in Guadeloupe
Mission Organization: WorldTeam
Children: Justin, Caleb, Amanda

Irene Ridgeway: Retired
Ministry Field: Quito, Ecuador
Ministry Responsibility: Church Leadership in San Antonio, Ecuador, and organizer of Maranatha Retreat and Church.
Mission Organization: Christian Missions in Many Lands
NOTE: A longtime missionary of Calvary Church, Bill Ridgeway, passed away on Friday, June 20 at his home in Kent, Washington. Please pray for his wife Irene and his children and grandchildren. Bill was a real servant and loved by many. If you care to send a card, their address is: Pantera Lago Estates,11436 SE 208th St. #60, Kent, WA  98031.
Ministry Field: World-wide
Ministry Responsibility: Communications Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo (Jon) and Prayer Ministries Department (Cindi)
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children: Kelsie, Kristy, Andrew, Alec
Joanne Moyer
Ministry Field: Kabwe, Zambia
Ministry Responsibility: Grace Church in Zambia
Ministry Organization: Grace Ministries International
Dan & Tina Moyer
Ministry Field: Zabwe, Zambia
Ministry Responsibility: Oversees training for Bible School for National Believers; works with Community Development, especially orphan care.
Ministry Organization:  Grace Ministries International
Children: Natalie, Nadine, and Seth
Rochelle Smetherham
Ministry Field: Muizenberg, South Africa
Ministry Responsibility: Serving as a staff worker in South Africa
Ministry Organization: Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
Luke & Marisa Bajenski
Ministry Field: Warsaw, Poland
Mission Organization: ProEcclesia: Center for Church Development

Vince & Roberta Chiavralotti
Ministry Field: Treviso, Italy
Ministry Responsibility: Pioneer church planting through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. Also a Field Coordinator for Italy.
Mission Organization: Avant Ministries, Formerly Gospel Missionary Union
Children: Jonathan, Gioia

Bud & Charlotte Kroeker: Retired
Ministry Field: Belgium
Ministry Responsibility: General Director of French printing company that sends literature to French-speaking countries
Mission Organization: Biblical Literature Fellowship

Gerhard & Grace Meyer
Ministry Field: Knoll Center, Germany
Ministry Responsibility: Director of the Knoll Center. Pastors a church, and also is Assistant Field Director of Global Outreach
Mission Organization: Global Outreach Mission
Children: Melody, Joy, Esther, Jessica
Paul & Beth College
Ministry Field: Indonesia
Ministry Responsibility: pilot and aviator
Mission Organization: MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)
Children: Seth, Blake, Tate, Toby
Ministry Field: Thailand
Ministry Responsibility: Church planting, literacy work, Bible teaching, medical aide, and discipling nationals
Children: Julee, Scott

Dick & Terri Grady
Ministry Field: Middle East
Ministry Responsibility: Director of O.C. International's Middle East Ministries
Mission Organization: O. C. International
Children: Stephen, Rachel
Dan and Catrina Pennington
Ministry Field: Thailand
Ministry Responsibility: General Managers of Destiny Rescue’s Production and Employment Project
Organization: Destiny Rescues
Children: Eva and Aidan
 Lavonne Westlund
Ministry Field: Indonesia
Ministry Responsibility: Provides financial support for the Indonesian Field Staff
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children: Joy, Mark
Middle East
None posted, to protect the safety and effectiveness of our missionary families currently living in the Middle East.
To see a listing of the organizations Calvary Church supports, click here.