Continuing what Jesus started


Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. We don't think we can take one more problem. We feel like we are at a dead end and do not know where to turn. Dead ends come in many forms:


Job Stresses
Financial Pressures
Broken Relationships

At such times, it helps to talk things over with someone…

Who really LISTENS

Who offers HOPE
Who can help you develop a biblical plan for getting your life back on track.
That someone is often a counselor.

How can a counselor help?

By making gentle observations and asking timely questions
By putting an overwhelming situation into perspective
By helping to ease the sense of isolation we often feel at life's "dead-ends"
At Calvary Church, we offer professional counseling that is based on sound biblical principles. Counseling is available for individuals, married couples, students and families.

When you want to deal with the challenges in your life, counseling can help you find your way. Going to a counselor is a courageous and wise step to take.

We believe the Bible has the answers. Calvary Church offers counseling that is based on sound biblical principles. Our professionally trained counselors will help you apply God's timeless truths and power at your point of need.

Our fees are affordable and personal circumstances are taken into consideration.

If you have a spiritual emergency after hours or on the weekend, call Calvary Church at 215.723.0963 and press 8 when prompted.

 For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or contact the Counseling Center at 215.703.8926, ext. 613.