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We know it matters to you how your children are loved and cared for while they are here at Calvary Church. That’s why we invest so much time and resources in providing opportunities for them to learn and grow. We also believe it’s important to partner with parents in introducing children to Jesus Christ and helping them to become more like Him. For some families, those opportunities need to take into account children with disabilities. This is accomplished through one of Calvary Church’s priorities, Bridge Disability Ministries.

The HEART of Calvary's Kidzone

In a child's mind, we believe that church should rank right up there with ball games and ice cream, not cavities and flu shots. With this in mind, we have designed an environment that creatively and energetically engages children in experiences aimed at nurturing their young faith. We strive to be a resource that children love and parents trust.

Central to our philosophy is that children are very important to God; therefore, we are dedicated to communicating His care for them by embodying the following seven values: Safety, God-Centered Focus, Fervent Prayer, Excellence in Ministry, Relevant Bible Teaching, Child-Targeted, and Biblical Community. These seven values serve as guides to all our decisions and behaviors within the context of our ministry to children.

If you have any questions or would like to serve as a part of our KidZONE team, feel free to call the children's ministry office at 215.723.0963 x162.