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Often when one thinks of a church, the picture that comes to mind is a building or an institution but the church is people, not a place or a meeting you attend.  The church is people living not simply in relationship with God but also living in mission with him.  Calvary Church is a faith community, really an extended family, with members of all ages and many walks of life. . .

Teachers, truck drivers, construction workers, scientists, stay-at-home moms, students, lawyers, artists and engineers to name a few. We are a diverse group of ragamuffins who garden, read, skate, bike, cross-stitch and cheer and groan with the Phillies, Eagles, 76ers and the Flyers.

Despite the number of good churches in the greater Philadelphia region, the percentage of the population which regularly attends any church is actually rather low. There are probably many reasons for that but we are very much tuned in to those who for one reason or another have not found a church community that feels like home. Calvary seeks to be a place for those seeking a fresh approach to Christian spirituality and the teachings of Jesus. We seek to make the story of God in Christ both accessible to those searching and challenging to those perhaps further along on their spiritual journey.

At our core is God’s message of grace, hope and healing and the belief that God loves every person, regardless of how broken, disappointed or uncertain. God made us in his image and implanted in us creativity that expresses our faith. We hope that the creative heart of the church will speak to those who connect with the arts. We hope as well to see that those who have been disillusioned with their prior church experience to be drawn into a meaningful relationship with God and others. The message of the Bible may surprise those who have written off Christianity as dogmatic, superficial or fearful of honest questions. Christianity is actually quite different than that.

Calvary is a church that is missional . . . that simply means being outward and other focused with the goal of expressing and sharing the love of Jesus. God never intended the church to be a cloistered community, inwardly focused and disconnected from the community.  We are a community in mission with Christ, seeking to transform people, society and nations. Three words in particular capture who we aspire to be: missional, relational and transformational.

  • Missional: by loving and serving others in word and deed. As Christ was sent to establish redemption, so we are sent to extend his grace, mercy, justice and compassion to our neighbors, region and those around the world. Missional expression includes serving in the community, providing economic assistance to those who have need, encouraging other churches and leaders, training international leaders, conversing with neighbors and reaching out to the lonely and hurting.
  • Relational: by inviting people to participate in a grace-based community that is safe for all to ask questions and to pursue God without fear of embarrassment, rejection or shame. We try to see and love people as Jesus did. Believing no one thrives in isolation, we provide diverse opportunities, age-related ministries, counseling services and personal connection. Our facilities are designed to provide environments that encourage authentic relationships with God and others.
  • Transformational: by assisting and challenging one another to become more like him. This life-long process is the pursuit of God through practicing spiritual disciplines, engaging one another in community, creatively teaching biblical truth and providing mutual encouragement and accountability. We resource our church family through mentoring, interactive learning, leadership development and through media that speak to living and ministering in our culture.

We’d love for you to come and experience this for yourself as a part of our community.